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Being the top HTML5 game development company in India, Genieee provides the best HTML5 game development services. We have a more than 100 team of experts from various streams of game development like design, art, and testing, in addition to a special team of HTML5 programmers. With our creative and fun-oriented game development experience we are able to build more than 500+ games of various genres for global enterprises, start-ups, and entrepreneurs from around the world, belonging to different sectors like gaming, entertainment, finance, education, etc.

We use very advanced HTML5 development frameworks like Phaser, Cocos2d-JS, PlayCanvas, PixiJS, and Three.JS, we develop online games that run smoothly across both mobile and desktop browsers and other platforms that support HTML5 Games.

  • Multiplayer Game Development

  • We can develop multiplayer html5 game development, so all players can enjoy same game at same time.

  • Facebook Game Development

  • Our technical team has expertise to build good and attractive facebook game app as per client demand.

  • Mobile Game Development

  • Our incredible skill in HTML5 technology helps to make amazing mobile compatible games for you and for your users.

  • Puzzle and Strategy Game Development

  • Our team well qualified to develop re-defined the concept of dispensing high quality education to young minds.

  • Action and Arcade Game Development

  • Take advantage of our expertise in action game development to make your game more enjoyable and unique.

  • Sport and Simulation Game Development

  • We are capable to make brilliant and stunning sports games, which will entertain user for long time.

  • Educational Game Development

  • Our team well qualified to develop re-defined the concept of dispensing high quality education to young minds.

  • Android Game Development

  • Our core area of expertise is Android game development only and we can assure to best quality in it.

  • iOS Game Development

  • We are the best HTML5 game development services as our creative and fun oriented game development experience.

Roots in Game Development

Being an experience game development service provider we believe to deliver quality product to our client and for that only our development expertise always keep on doing new technology research. Games we develop provide for our client provide very fun oriented and interactive experience to their users. We use best technology and framework so all game will be compatible to all devices.

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